Our Mission

Netritva, an initiative of The Art of Living is a certified 6 month long immersive internship program which can be done along with one’s college or professional career that will nurture young college students and professionals to become agents of change.
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Why Should I Apply ?

Aim of the internship is to groom young change agents into strong leaders of tomorrow. Sense of accomplishment and achievement that you will gain by completing the projects would stay as an inspiration with you for life long. A snapshot of what you can look for:
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Transformations Till Now

Netritva - Lead to Transform

Netritva, an attempt by The Art of Living towards creating individuals who could look beyond themselves , began with few young minds looking for something different to experiment. This internship proved it's goal clear to bring about a revolution with it's first project of painting the paan-stained walls and cleaning stinky and dirty streets of Anand Vihar ISBT. It managed to not only sensitise the daily passer by's but also compelled the authorities to build pavements and a washroom near the station. Next, to state it out loud and clear that health is not only about the physical environment but much more about the mental state of calmness and inner peace, a 4 Day Yes+ programme was organised in the North Campus. This programme gave everyone an opportunity to experience the magic of breathe and it's power of control . This enriching workshop was followed by giving the interns the task of teaching children and formulating a curriculum for them in schools across Delhi. The initiative was not limited to government schools but was also taken towards blind children and those studying at school near Tihar Jail. This 6 month long journey is about to end this January with Youth Conference- Sounds Of Leadership- to be organised by the interns. Hope to see you there!

Model of CHANGE


with your surrounding

 The interns had to clean and beautify one of the prime locations in Delhi NCR – Anand Vihar ISBT was chosen as activity ground for this project. They started with a basic cleanliness drive, jumping right in and cleaning the mess. While they were cleaning they also responsibly stopped people from urinating in the open and also collected fine from quite a lot of people who were found breaking the rules. The interns truly owned the project and cleaned and beautified the locality. Now the Anand Vihar – ISBT entrance has a newly constructed pavement with the beautifully painted walls, the place where pavement is constructed previously used to be an open urination ground for the public. Also, motivated by the public, the local authorities have constructed two Sulabh toilets for the public. All this achieved by the interns in just a matter of 2 weeks.
On the occasion of Prime Minister’s birthday, the local MP of Anand Vihar, Sh. Maheish Girri ji visited the area and appreciated the work done by the team.


and Empower

 Here the interns took the message of mental health and social responsibility to urban youth. From their friends to people in their neighbourhood to random people on the streets, the interns went all out in spreading the word of Yes+ workshop that was happening under this leg of the internship. They got about 2000 happiness surveys filled educating the urban youth of being happy, responsible and strong individuals in the society and bring about a change through that. This resulted in about 100 youth doing the Yes!+ workshop organised by the interns.


and happiness

 The third leg of the internship involved the interns to be involved as a group in imparting education to underprivileged kids. Three schools were chosen for this project and the interns had to come up with innovative ways to teach and add some values to the kids studying in these schools. Creativity and skills came together as the interns had to access the situation in schools allotted to them and come up with innovative ideas and modules to teach these kids and bring some value addition in their lives. This leg of the internship was very enriching and challenging for the interns. It put them in the shoes of teacher and they indeed learn a lot.


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Our Mentors

About Us

Netritva - Lead to Transform

For more than 36 years the Art of Living organization has consistently and successfully engaged millions of volunteers across the globe in various social projects. In its constant endeavor of creating a vibrant India, foundation has now taken up an initiative by the name ‘Netritva (नेतृत्व)’, that focuses on effectively channelizing energies and talents of our youth.

‘Netritva (नेतृत्व)’ is a certified 6 month long immersive internship program which can be undertaken along with one’s college or professional career that will nurture young college students and professionals to become agents of change. They would be engaged in various on ground social projects of high impact. Majorly they will be working in the field of environment sustainability, education and health and happiness. The internship aims to support individual growth, promote a sense of community and well being and restore the environment.. The idea is to take a few hours every week to contribute back to the society.

Our Team

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