About Us.

For more than 36 years the Art of Living organization has consistently and successfully engaged millions of volunteers across the globe in various social projects. In its constant endeavor of creating a vibrant India, foundation has now taken up an initiative by the name ‘Netritva (नेतृत्व)’, that focuses on effectively channelizing energies and talents of our youth. Netritva (नेतृत्व)’ is a certified 6 month long immersive internship program which can be undertaken along with one’s college or professional career that will nurture young college students and professionals to become agents of change. They would be engaged in various on ground social projects of high impact. Majorly they will be working in the field of environment sustainability, education and health and happiness. The internship aims to support individual growth, promote a sense of community and well being and restore the environment.. The idea is to take a few hours every week to contribute back to the society.

Smile with your surrounding

Interns will work in teams to clean, beautify and organise tree plantation drives at certain prime locations across the capital. They will use creative ideas to influence public behavior and engage relevant stakeholders to ensure maintenance. Projects will be taken up one by one in a mission mode.

Educate and empower

Interns would be spending quality time with underprivileged students to create a holistic ecosystem of co-learning. ‘Educate and Empower’ is a motivation for the educated class to understand their moral and social responsibility of teaching at least one illiterate person.the Aim will be to impart specific life skills through self designed creative modules in accordance with their core competencies.We are committed to enhancing the schooling experience of underprivileged children by strengthening their intellectual capabilities and competencies. We also work towards training them to become socially responsible citizens of India.

Health and Happiness

Under the pillar of Health and Happiness emphasis will be on getting the message of holistic living;a disease free body and a stress free mind across the community, to help them learn the art and science of being strong, healthy and fit both mentally and physically through the ancient science of Ayurveda and the techniques of meditation. Once trained interns will be required to engage directly with the citizens individually and in groups, measure their happiness quotients, share their problems and assist the experts in guiding and helping them with programs that have helped millions around the world to overcome stress, depression and violent tendencies.